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This sample of an academic paper on Online Dating Essays reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion  · Online Dating Research Paper Example: Online dating is an internet service, which offers users the possibility to meet and connect other people in order to find a mate for AdFind Your Special Someone Online. Choose the Right Dating Site & Start Now! ... read more

Derek Cajun begins his book with an analysis of online dating. According to Cajun you should not turn to online dating when it is so easy to simply go out and find a woman. Cajun said it was important to actually get out and meeting women, because if you lack practice with your social skills, you are likely to mess up a date. Cajun states that dating sites should not be used to find women, but instead to practice your social skills in order to be ready for your dates.

His book outlines the proper method for online dating, meeting women, starting conversation, and taking the next steps Cajun, Cajun refers to his books as "the total gentleman or man's guide to get ladies. Brewer, H. List of Gender Stereotypes. How do gender role expectations impact on the relations between family members?

Online Dating A Critical Analysis From the Perspective of Psychological Science. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 3 1 , Young people had always danced as a means of socializing with one another.

However, prior to the s, it was considered appropriate for a girl to dance with a variety of partners, even if she came to a dance with a particular young man. By the mids, views changed, and it was considered insulting to cut-in on someone else's date Sombat. In addition, rock and roll, which featured more suggestive lyrics than prior forms of music, seemed to encourage casual sexual contact between men and women.

Rock music has only grown more suggestive with time, as have rock stars, helping create a popular culture that thrives on marketing sexuality. Part of these changing attitudes was reflected in the sexual behavior of teenagers in the s. Modern people have an image of the s as a chaste and innocent time. However, sexual relations changed dramatically in the s, even before the….

Burzumato, Skip. Hagedorn, Elizabeth. The Significance of Diffeent Types of Relationships on Patne Pefeence As helpful as Lee's six love styles ae to undestanding choice and behavio in intimate human elationships, that analysis does not take into account the degee to which individuals egadless of thei pimay stylistic oientation in Lee's tems sometimes engage in vey diffeent kinds of elationships.

Pesumably, Lee's stylistic analysis petains mainly to omantic pai bonds such as potential maiage patnes and dating patnes but not necessaily to casual-sex patnes o platonic fiendships. references in romantic relationships and friendships. Network dating sites. How type dating evolved. Include pros cons. Network dating sites have gained a particular place of social eminence within contemporary times. Online dating sites that members pay to use, such Match.

com, made over a billion dollars in No author. Many people consider these websites as primary options for dating for the simple fact that they allow expedient access to other singles who are also looking to date. Interestingly enough, these sites seem to have evolved from more conventional advertising for dating, which was traditionally found in print resources such as newspapers and weeklies. One may argue that the development of social networking web sites played a considerable role in the formation and popularity of network dating sites.

Despite the degree of popularity these sites have, there are some inherent drawbacks associated with them that somewhat mitigates their efficacy. The most salient of these revolves around…. Boyd, Danah and Ellison, Nicole. Epstein, Robert. Rosenbloom, Stephanie. It discusses how each of the different sites varies in terms of its character, and in terms of its usage.

The chapter on safety reiterates the fact that users view the anonymity of the web as an excuse to engage in riskier behaviors than they otherwise would, and that this is a mistake. Personal safety often comes down to making smart decisions and always leaving a way out of a situation. Gormley, Michael. Huffington Post. html This article announces that New York State has followed New Jersey in enacting an Internet dating safety law.

The wording of the law contains advice to New York residents about good online dating habits. Otherwise, the New York law is almost identical to the New Jersey law. This marks the second state that has…. The process of dating has undergone many changes through the course of history; however, technological innovations have dramatically altered the process.

This paper will discuss how technology has influenced the dating process in both positive and negative ways. First the concept of dating is defined and explored followed by a discussion of how the dating process has been altered by technological changes. Thus, dating is most often considered to be an activity that is part of the mating or selection process in humans where…. Bailey, C. com and Chadwick Martin Bailey Studies:. Recent Trends: Online Dating. Brown, S.

The gray divorce revolution: Rising divorce among middle-aged and older adults, -- The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 67 6 , Couch, D. Online dating and mating: The use of the internet to meet sexual partners. Qualitative Health Research, 18 2 , future of dating: hat will dating look like in ? Not so many years ago, the modern online environment of dating would have been incomprehensible: today, people can meet virtually, decide they have common interests and then arrange a meeting even if they have never met face-to-face and do not live in the same location.

Some people merely meet online via message boards and other Internet sites not specifically designed to match up potential mates. Others gravitate specifically to online dating services. Online dating sites purport to take at least some of the guesswork out of conventional dating and thus make it easier to meet people. There are also services such as J-Date which specifically connect people who have a specific….

Grigoriadis, Vanessa. Rolling Stone. Paumgarten, Nick. The company then needed to use proxy servers in order to access eBay's site. The tort was that such actions resulted in dilution of eBay's mark and damage to eBay's reputation eBay v. Bidder's Edge, Inc.

There is a strong likelihood that the same could be found with regards to the dating site. In the Bidder's Edge decision, the courts have determined that deterioration of the service can constitute a tort, even if the deterioration is minimal. hile Bidder's Edge did not materially affect the performance of eBay's servers, it could conceivable have grown in size in order to do so. In addition, multiple Bidder's Edge-type sites should cumulatively have such a negative impact.

The eBay has the right to control access to its servers was central to this case. For the dating site, it is the control of access that will determine the way the courts view the proposed…. Sinrod, E. Spyware can constitute illegal trespass on home computers. USA Today. California Intellectual Property and Computer Law. no date. Online Sources Using the Online Environment he availability of online information has made a tremendous difference in many fields of endeavor including daily interactions.

Many journals now have articles that are 'online first' before print; others comment on these online articles and critique even before the print issue exists. Online access also broadens the ease of accessing materials without a nearby extensive library. his is true in nearly every profession: science, economics, finance, business, nursing, medicine, hairdressing, and etc.

Access to online information has changed the information paradigm. here is now a necessity and obligation to understand what appropriate online information consists of. Use of social media and online tools for information-searching and access has increased considerably in recent years. Information is not only proliferating but is being shared more quickly than when print was the only medium available. he use of online media is a…. The European History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources.

Dennis A. Trinkle, Vardi, M. Predatory Scholarly Publishing Communications of the ACM, 7 p. Available at: [accessed 24 January ]. dating in the United States, and how technology has affected dating in the last 50 years.

Specifically, it will express the impact of technology over the past 50 years on dating patterns of "young adults" ages depending on the social norm of the decade. Dating has always been a ritual for young adults to find themselves and discover their sexuality while trying out potential long-term mates.

Today, dating, and how young people date, has changed considerably due to advances in technology. Technology has changed dating tremendously in the last 50 years, and yet, one thing remains the same. Dating is a young adult ritual that helps prepare them for the relationships of adulthood, and that, no matter what changes on the outside, will continue to be a constant in dating today, and in the future.

Technology and its Affect on Dating in the U. It is not surprising that…. Pirog-Good, Maureen A. Stets, eds.

Violence in Dating Relationships: Emerging Social Issues. New York: Praeger, Whyte, Martin King. Dating, Mating, and Marriage. New York: Aldine De Gruyter, S1 - No S2 - No S3 - No Rational - This question is intended to determine whether other forms of abuse occur within teenage social relationship even more frequently than actual physical abuse or face-to-face verbal abuse. Had any of the subjects answered affirmatively, that would have suggested specific follow-up questions to explore the issues raised.

Have any of your friends ever been the victim of stalking-type of behavior? If yes, through what medium in person, by phone, via Internet, etc. Also, how many people do you know personally who have ever been victimized in this way? S1 - Yes; four S2 - Yes; two S3 - Yes; four Rational - This question provides a comparison to the subjects in the Claiborne study. It also expands the anecdotal data to include three separate peer groups.

Have you ever before today discussed the issue of violence or…. Hsu, C. This resource consists of a transcript of a television news interview conducted on Smith, T. Moreover, the television show uses the same tactics that law enforcement does when they want to catch sexual predators online. Both law enforcement and the staff of "To Catch a Predator" pretend to be young people.

By playing the same game as the sexual predator, police are effectively capturing criminals before they get away with their crimes. Although sneaky, the method of luring sexual predators using their own game is one of the most effective ways of preventing the problem. Knowing they can get easily caught, the sexual predator might think twice before befriending a new child. Using this method of capturing criminals, law enforcement can prevent predators from victimizing young people psychologically, sexually and violently.

Sexual predators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In Canada, the law "makes it a criminal offense to use the Internet to lure or exploit children for sexual purposes," Media….

Camber, Rebecca. html ixzz0khNsB. Doctorow, Cory. Family Watchdog. Parents can team up with teachers and schools by asking for school conferences where they can address the issue of bullying, Barreto. The parents can also keep a record of incidents of harassment and the ways in which the school handled these situations.

They should also insist on the putting up of a bullying prevention committee if one is not already in place. In order for the committee to be effective, it needs to have representatives from administration, teachers, school mental health teams and parents. Teachers should be encouraged to involve the students in creating rules for the classroom regarding bullying. They should have a serious talk with the bully and explain the unacceptability of the behavior as well as its negative consequences.

Reports of bullying should not be left to deal with bullying on their own in the hope that the experience will make them stronger individuals, bullying…. Barreto, Steven. Bullying and Harassment Stop When Parents Help Break the Silence. Batsche, G. Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and elationships on Campus, was written by Kathleen Bogle and published in by NKU Press.

Kathleen Bogle is an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at La Salle University, and she used her expertise in both sociology and the university setting to investigate the sexual behaviors of young adults.

Bogle gathered information for this piece through interviews with college students and recent graduates, conducted from to The main premise of Bogle's book is to enlighten readers regarding the rules and social expectations of dating and sexuality among current young adult populations.

Bogle offers a detailed explanation regarding the concept of a "hook-up culture," with the term hooking-up specifically relating to the casual intimacy. Bogle outlines a very clear explanation regarding what young people mean when they discuss "hooking-up" and how different genders and sexual orientations regarding the social expectations involved.

Bogle's interview…. Bogle, K. Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus. NKU Press, Nudo, M. Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus, by Kathleen A. Online Education Database.

Web, 11 November, Wilson, B. Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships. June 8, Web 11 November, Like most other animals, the artic fox's cot changes to reflect the summer arctic habitat, becoming a brown or gray color that matches the summer environment National Geographic, The artic fox contributes to the balance of nature because its diet includes rodents, which have a tendency to multiply rapidly in any conditions; birds, and fish National Geographic, However, rodents are more plentiful during the summer months in the artic.

During the winter months, when its food sources are scarcer, the fox will be follow the trail of the polar bears, acting as a scavenger to the remains of the larger animal's kills National Geographic, The arctic fox also eats some amounts of vegetation, usually vegetables National Geographic, The arctic fox is a…. The Fox in World Literature: Reflections on a "Fictional Animal.

com, retrieved 8 February, Sims, Grant. Other features of the DontDateCreeps. com community include an embedded instant messaging application and a site-specific email account.

Because of the dangers and fears associated with online dating, users should also be able to rate their dates with other site members in an anonymous application.

To increase the robustness of the DontDateCreeps. com format, the community should also become linked with local businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and entertainment venues. Not only does DontDateCreeps. com need to solicit advertisement revenues from local businesses and services; the dating site also needs to help its users coordinate and plan social outings. Web analytics will consist in part of a third-party page tagging service that will accomplish two goals.

First, the page tagging service will help to determine efficacy of advertisement click-throughs, which page s users tend to opt for information purchases from, and other consumer-related data. Second, the page tagging will help to determine…. Web Analytics Association. And increasingly they are learning that in doing so they are becoming involved in a world of business and to some extent deception that is at best built on a rather fragile foundation of trust and market forces.

We have known for some time that as users of the virtual universe of opportunities, we are sharing with others information about us and what we want. ut the extent to which this information is otherwise being used has been left in the hands of a relatively unguarded concept of openness and honesty. We seem to like the idea of putting ourselves out in the world to see what happens of its own accord, no matter whether we are looking for love, our family's past or good….

But this search for convenience has tremendous disadvantages that we often easily overlook. Clearly, it involves giving away information whose value we have little appreciation for.

But just as importantly, we do this without recognizing that those who gather this information do so with the intention of reshaping our future.

They use the information to determine where we might like to go in future searches for information. The privacy pages of sites like Ancestry. com , as one example, openly tell us if we read them that their software is using the information they give us to decide what we might like -- effectively cutting out the world of luck or chance in the searches we seem to want to make for ourselves.

Most advanced nations have some acceptance in core human rights being based on people being free to exploit their own privacy; but how this happens in practice remains unclear. So what we find is that collectively we seem to use the power of our numbers and this interest in privacy to be its own source of protection.

There are consumer protection laws and common sense rules Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, , and these make up the majority of what we count on for protections.

Mostly though we trust that if people or businesses do something with the information that we provide them that is not as expected, masses of people -- usually through the media -- will create a. My significant other and I met in a traditional manner, at a nightclub. Furthermore, most of our early relationship was spent in a conventional manner; we dated and spent time with each other, using CMC, such as texts and IMs as a way of relaying information about how we would spend our face time, rather than using it as a way to replace face-time.

Then, life intervened, as it so often does, and an internship opportunity across the country separated us. Both of us being relatively poor students, we are unable to fly to visit each other frequently.

Furthermore, while cell phones and unlimited calling plans have made it possible for us to talk a lot of the time, we have conflicting schedules, which can make it difficult for us to arrange times for any type of lengthy conversation. However, we can spend time e-mailing each other, devoting time to….

Cliq-Up Internet has now become a new frontier in regards to economic development. With the advent of the internet, new and seemingly boundless technologies have arisen. Aspects such as routine transactions at financial institutions to online dating sites have now entered into the forefront. Technology overall has enhanced the overall quality of life for civilization while also providing economic growth.

It is during this expansionary period that many innovative and profitable technologies arise. CliqUp is no different in this regard.

With the advent of the internet, the need for synthesis and analytics becomes very profound. As such, CliqUp has very unique value proposition for both businesses and consumers as the technology frontier continues to evolve. Using analytical data, CliqUp can provide enhanced value to businesses in terms of targets ads, customer demographics, and other analytical tools.

All of which, adds value to the institution of firm who properly utilizes the…. The Ethics of Risk and the Economic Crisis. Corporate Governance. Twelve ESL learners who participated subsequently found that participating in text-based online chat rooms promoted a noticeable difference in their face-to-face conversations, particularly in noticing their own linguistic mistakes.

Psychologists stress little if any learning occurs without attention. Compared to face-to-face conversations, CMC allows conversations to flow at slower speeds than face-to-face; consequently permitting "speakers" to have longer times to process receiving and producing the target language.

CMC can save texts previous messages in format that users may later access. Lai and Zhao The following copy of "ESL Online Talk Community" illustrates concept Lai and Zhao present.

Practice makes perfect, but many ESL students do not have opportunities to practice speaking English. This Website is trying to establish an online community to enable…. Anderson, B. Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism.

London: Verso. Once the customer has purchased a piece of information, has paid for it, has received it, and obviously viewed it, he cannot claim a refund, in case the information provided by the site did not satisfy the customer in any way.

If the site cannot provide certain information due to certain facts that was required by the customer, the site will notify the customer that his request cannot be fulfilled and therefore, there will be no payment.

This issue is related to another, dissatisfaction regarded the provided services. As mentioned above, there may be situation when DontDateCreeps. com will not be able to fulfill certain requests. This could only happen because of the lack of information in the respective case. Therefore, it is only fair that the customer has to be informed that the requested information is not available. If the site cannot offer complete information requested by the customer, the…. Bowman, Robert B2B Commerce Flocks to Electronic Trading Exchanges.

Supply Chain Brain Magazine online. How Internet Marketing Affects Dating Sites Webmaster Journal. Walters, Lawrence Legal Checklist for Operating an Online Dating Site. Lawrence G. Physical Attraction in the Internet Age Since its inception the internet has affected nearly every aspect of society so it is only natural that it would eventually impact on our most intimate of relationships: romance.

In just a short twenty years the internet has nearly revolutionized the dating process and determined who and how we meet each for purposes of establishing both casual and permanent romantic relationships. The internet dating business is one of the few to not only survive but also prosper in these precarious economic times Carpenter. In the context of this paper internet dating is defined as the use of a database of potential dating partners, usually located in close geographical proximity, to find someone with whom one feels some connection.

The format of most dating services is similar. The sites, whether…. Card, David. Paid Content Forecast, to Cambridge, MA: Jupiter Research, Carpenter, Susan. Franks, Christiana. Social Media and Technology The entire sphere of human interaction has undergone large-scale transformation as a result of the rapidly changing technological environment and the emergence of the internet.

Back in the day, social interactions were primarily based on hand-written letters and occasional telephone conversations. Thanks to technological progression, however, numerous online communication platforms have been developed, and what we have now is an internet revolution and a totally new and dynamic realm of human interaction and long-distance communication.

Today, Facebook is home to more than million users who can conveniently communicate with each other at the touch of a button without having to grapple with the time and space limitations that back in the day forced people to choose their partners and friends from their….

Anderson, T. Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction in Online Romantic Relationships. Communication Studies, 57 2 , Andon, S. Evaluating Computer-Mediated Communication on the University Campus: The Impact of Facebook.

com on the Development of Romantic Relationships. The Florida State University Electronic Theses, Treatises and Dissertations. Paper Baack, D. The Personal Impact of Ethical Decisions: A Social Penetration Theory. Journal of Business Ethics, 24 1 , Babbie, E. The Practice of Social Research 12th ed. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. Relationships and the Internet The Internet has created the opportunity for people all across the planet to form relationships that can be every bit as personally satisfying as so-called "traditional" relationships.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and a variety of others have allowed people to engage in relationships through the Internet but Alex Lickerman argues that it can generate problems for people who partake in this activity. In his article "The Effect of Technology on Relationships," he stated, "The problem, however, comes when we find ourselves subtly substituting electronic relationships for physical ones or mistaking our electronic relationships for physical ones.

Hogan, Bernie, Nai Li, and William Dutton. medium level internet company will be analyzed. The example chosen is an online dating site serving for around Even if the company is managed online the emerging need is certain numbers of employees to deal with costumer issues and also maintain the company. ecruiting the right people who take their seriously and enjoy what they are doing is the first step to save some money 5.

Therefore, it is very important to use a H company. Marc Mapes 8 who is the owner of HireMatch reported that the wrong people can cost a company 2. Using a new generation H company which analyses the jopseekers not only based on their CV but their life style and ideology. Another important cost for an internet company is the webpage. Nowadays, there are too many web developing companies offering promotions and inexpensive services. However, these are…. Altruism or Egoism The dating website has become an online phenomenon where people across the world find relationships, love and intimacy.

The hottest trend in the online dating is that people who have been single for several years have finally found their true love. The theories of relationship, love, intimacy, social comparison, self-categorization, and social identity reveal that individuals develop a social relationship to boost their social esteem, and people are likely to cooperate with a group who belong to their social identity.

The authors maintain that people continue to indulge in love relationship despite their social identity. Additionally, Finn, think that emotional…. Technology: Blessing or Curse? Imagine studying machinery that is becoming smaller and smaller every day. What will one discover? This is a hot topic that is on a lot of individuals mind in our society today. People are curious about how it is evolving, and ways to stay current with it. One will discuss whether or not this is a blessing or a curse for technology.

Another study that is worth mentioning in regards to technology. For example, when looking at each location, one will notice that there are significant differences in how it is done on a daily basis, especially with technology. This is the case when it comes to individuals who do have insurances vs.

those who do not. Much could get said about this particular set-up in the United Statse because of the lack of consistency Dale, In Boston as well as New Haven care is considered excellent with their technology and services Far To Here, The people there do not question the quality provided to them; however, medicare patients located in Boston is twice as much compared to that of New Haven.

This demonstrates that those in New Haven are deprived good healthcare, but this is not the case Greystone, The upscale spending patterns begin at the primary-care level. Primary-care physicians in high-spending areas are more likely to make specialist referrals, order more expensive diagnostic tests even with minimal potential value , and recommend more-frequent return visits.

Even within a single region and controlling for patient illness characteristics , doctors'. Social Web Originally developed in , the World Wide Web has fundamentally changed the way many people shop, work, recreate and receive an education. Likewise, the emergence of e-commerce has had enormous implications for the business world and governments alike, making this innovation one of the most significant in human history.

Moreover, tens of millions of new Web pages are added to the World Wide Web every day, and current signs indicate this growth will continue to accelerate into the foreseeable future. One of the more important trends to emerge in recent years has been the use of the World Wide Web for social interaction in what has been termed the "Social Web.

eview and Discussion…. Alpert, J. We knew the Web was big. The Official Google Blog. Anklam, P. Net work: A practical guide to creating and sustaining networks at work and in the world. Barnes, S. E-commerce and V-business: Digital enterprise in the twenty-first century. Causes elationships to Fall Apart It happens to us all -- that moment when our knees get weak from the sight of someone else; that split second that it seems like nothing else in the entire world matters; that instant when all seems right in the world, and we hope and pray that it never changes.

Most everyone remember those beginning stages in a relationship where everything in the universe is absolutely, irrevocably, fearlessly perfect, right? So how do all of those feelings, thoughts, moments of pure bliss take a gut wrenching nose dive for the worse?

Why do people fall out of love? How do people go from being love drunk to those month long purging sessions to rid themselves of the toxins that once were our former soul mates? It happens, even to the best of us, even to those of us who attempt to make every wrong….

Baxter, L. Interpersonal communication: evolving interpersonal relationships. Los Angeles: Sage Publications. Harvey, J. Close romantic relationships: maintenance and enhancement. Mahwah, N. J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Kalbfleisch, P. Hillsdale, N. J: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Age, race open. I'd like to chat so if you're interested. M4W: Are you ready to truly be happy? Me too glad I found you - Almost 39 Are you looking for a man to treat you like you have never been treated before? Do you want a man who can't wait to hurry and get home to you at the end of the day and wrap his arms around you like he is never going to see you again?

Do you want a man you know you can trust never to let you down and know you can always turn to him for anything no matter how big or how small?

I am looking for my forever, not just sex or a one night stand I look forward to spending the…. Buss, David M..

Evolution of Desire. Conklin, Ellis E.. Craigslist, Inc. The McGraw-Hill Companies. The online classifieds advertising technology outsourcing company went on to become one of the most popular communities and networking sites on the Internet. LAT , a leader in UNIX security. He has also become a leading and sought-after speaker on Internet marketing and development.

More importantly and in terms of the history of sex. com, he is considered to be a leading authority on issues pertaining to intellectual property law and the Internet. Furthermore, he has invested in more than 50 companies. The Sex. com saga The legal battle surrounding sex.

com began on May 19, , when Kremen registered the domain…. About Gary Kremen. Be Careful what You Wish for: The Continuing Saga of Gary Kremen and Sex. Dixon R. To Fight Domain Name Theft: Sex. com Gives Birth to a New Property Right. Gary Kremen. emergence of social media and other sharing-based websites and portals on the orld ide eb has been to a degree that has been life-changing and society-changing in nature. For the most part, these effects have been quite good and fruitful.

Indeed, there is the propensity of some people to "over-share" and reveal details, behaviors or events that are unseemly or extremely unwise, if not both. This does not mean, of course, that the entire technology should be scrapped or banned or that it should be over-regulated. However, people do need to understand the implications…. Roberts, Bryan. Sieczkowski, Cavan. Texas, Virgil. Likewise, McCain reports that, "The United States is a dog-loving nation. The most popular breeds, the American Kennel Club says, are Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and German shepherds" 2.

According to the Southwest Boston Dog Owners' Group , "The number of licensed dogs in Boston is 8,; Animal Control estimates the total number of dogs in the city is 40," Petition to Boston City Council and Mayor's office 4.

Barker, Randolph T. Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Scholars in Business Communication to Focus on the Individual and Organizational Benefits of Companion Animals in the Workplace.

October 1, Boston Housing Authority. Dennick, Reg and Kate Exley. Small Group Teaching. New York: RoutledgeFalmer, Goldberg, Jonah.

Not surprising to see concerts by Dave Matthews, Green Day, and other top groups since Live Nation recently purchased Ticket Master. John Self, a professor at Cal Poly Pomona in Los Angeles County, who has published a study of why restaurants fail, estimates that about 1, restaurants open in L.

Data are not available as to how the recession has affected HRC, or Planet Hollywood, Johnny Rocket's or other theme-centered restaurants, but it….

Brand Strategy. Hard Rock: Not only rock 'n' roll. Funding Universe. Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc. Company History.

Hallock, Betty. Recession takes big bite out of L. restaurant business. Los Angeles Times. Hard Rock. Consensual Agreements FO CA: In reviewing the current literature on the issue about sexual intimacy on the job, one might wonder why people bother to go anywhere else for fun. It has become clear that sexuality and romance are significant in many contemporary workplaces, which means that businesses of all types have to begin to bring a discussion and specific responses to this issue home.

More employees work either online or in businesses that depend on online activity. As such, few employees are far away from resources that involved open and frank discussions or that outright promote or advertise sexuality and romance.

In a future job I expect to work in a company that is connected to and encourages business innovation on the Internet. I would love to work with a Facebook or Twitter-type company where I could work with creative people and new technologies.

A place like this will…. Fisk, C. Humiliation at Work, 8 Wm. Freeman, R. And Stewart, L. Developing ethical leadership. Business Roundtable: Institute for Corporate Ethics. Jessen, P. Ethical Decision Making About Sexual Harassment Complaints that stem from dissolved workplace romances: A policy-capturing approach. Thesis: Montana State University. Lickey, N. Responding to workplace romance: A proactive and pragmatic approach.

The Journal of Business Inquiry, p Social Media and how it goes on to affects people. The advantages and the risks of social media are discussed. Furthermore, it goes on to talk about appropriate and inappropriate content. Use of social media in the professional world is also discussed. Social Media is basically the modes of interaction among persons in which they produce, exchange, and share information in varied virtual communities and network.

Ahlqvist et al. Kaplan and Haenlein describe this form of technology as varies internet origin applications that were created on technological and ideological foundations that merely allow the exchange of content that the user himself created.

Initially, social media was only prevalent on laptops or pcs but now this technology has move on to mobile phones. This therefore enables users to upload and share information instantaneously. The advent of…. Ahlqvist, T. et al. Social media road maps exploring the futures triggered by social media. VTT Tiedotteita - Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus, pp. Bullas, J. Survey Reveals: The Top 5 Social Media Channels Companies Are Using Jeffbullas's Blog.

Daft, R. Organizational informationrequirements, media richness, and structural design. ManagementScience, 32 5 , -- Fama, E. Efficient capital markets: A review of theory and empirical work. Journal of Finance, 25 2 , -- That could lead to all kinds of advertising insights," even though it could just be a coincidence Baker , p.

The result could be a cutting-edge campaign for a rental car company stressing romance and danger, rather than safety and budget-conscious effectiveness. No company wishes to miss out on the next new marketing trend, and all want to find the next 'hot' new connection between two seemingly discordant interests or types of behaviors. One idiosyncratic, accidental click or glance is meaningless, but being able to keep track of large amounts of data makes such decisions is significant for market researchers, as a consistent pattern can be drawn.

And the blog world of online journalism is an even more willing source of "unfiltered immediacy" for marketers, who can track what types of blogs generate the largest amount of traffic for specific types of ads.

Blogs are especially useful because marketers can…. Particularly as this demographic has been so ignored or misunderstood by the beauty industry, a company that portrayed older women in a positive, sexy light, and showcased fashions that flattered older complexions and figures would likely generate revenue.

Showing older models rather than stressing that the product is for the elderly is important, because today's older generation does not like to think of itself as old: "Marketers commonly err by emphasizing the biological age of their consumers. A few years ago, a major personal-products company introduced a shampoo aimed at older women. The advertising explicitly mentioned that the product was designed especially for women over There may be perfectly good reasons to switch to a different shampoo as you age, but the emphasis on age ensured that the product would be unpalatable to any self-respecting plus-year-old" Smith Again, because women tend to outlive their husbands, many of these….

Barletta, Marti. Cromie, William J. University Gazette. Women's Timeline Women's Movement Timeline The following paragraphs describe eight incredible women who lived from the 's through the present. This paper also includes a timeline to better place into perspective these women's incredible effort and their success at initiating change and giving women first, a voice, then, rights equal to those of men.

Mary Wollstonecraft In , Wollstonecraft published the most important piece relating to women's rights, a pamphlet entitled Vindication on the Rights of Women. Question 1:The first general environment that is most relevant to this instance is the demographic section.

This section focuses on population size. age construction. geographic distribution. cultural mix. and income distribution.

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This is a blog on computer mediated communication and online dating. The following sample research paper shows how those who engage in online dating undergo a sociological process of reducing uncertainty. Social networking sites have shown to be the main driving force behind online dating and much research has done been on this behalf to show how it is changing the rules of dating, so to speak.

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way that human beings communicate with one another today. As the internet has expanded heavily in the last ten years, so have online products and services that utilize communication on a mass scale. As more users are using the internet, CMC is popular within the context of Social Networking Sites SNS. Within the realm of SNS, online dating sites like eHarmony, Match. com and even Tinder have also become popular because they are tailored to individuals looking to meet potential mates.

According to Gibbs et al , over ten million Americans have a profile on at least one dating website p. Internationally, Match. com has over twelve-million members Gibbs, , p. This new technological landscape of communication poses both risks and opportunities for the user who is looking to find a potential mate. Moreover, communication over the internet also offers great research opportunities regarding whether traditional studies of communication among humans applies in this online context.

One such theory, Uncertainty Reduction Theory URT , predicted that there are seven factors in human exchange and three basic, yet essential, strategies that humans utilize in reducing anxiety when meeting another person Twente, N. While the implementation of social networking and dating sites have changed the way in which we communicate with one another, the rules of social interaction according to URT still apply, albeit in different contexts.

Firstly, it is important to define relevant terms and premises that will aid our discussion. com or E-Mail. Face to Face hereafter referred to as FtF interaction is the traditional face to face interaction that exists among humans where visual cues are present.

A critical premise of our discussion is that people who use online dating sites via CMC are using it in the hope that it will lead to eventual FtF communication. Another important term will be self-monitor. The concept of being a self-monitor will be integral in our discussion of online dating because the information we choose to display online is usually highly selective and for the purpose of attracting a mate for a FtF interaction. Finally, URT will refer to the classic theory by Berger that theorized that humans use specific strategies and cues before divulging more personal information p.

URT will be discussed more thoroughly later in the paper. In our discussion, it is important to review relevant literature regarding technology, use of social media and relationships , communication and online dating in general. Firstly, we will discuss the original theories regarding FtF communication as outlined in URT.

Berger and Calabrese , Dawkins, and Gibbs et al, will give relevant background information and details. Moreover, Twente N. will outline the specific strategies and factors that influence human behavior regarding reducing uncertainty. Gudykunst will also discuss how URT applies within the contexts of different ethnicities and sex. This will allow us to get comprehensive background information.

Next, it is important to have a basic understanding of how CMC developed and the early schools of thought that analyzed this interaction Parks, While highly pessimistic, Parks offered evidence that online relationships can not only be successful, but can develop into eventual FtF interaction.

Sheldon will show that interaction on Facebook offers a wealth of information regarding how we deal with uncertainty within a network where we tend to know most of the individuals in person, or have at least met them on one occasion. Also, Sheldon will demonstrate that individuals in SNS use specific cues and elements of interaction alongside strategies of URT to predict their behavior.

Finally, we will investigate how online dating sites like eHarmony integrate scientific principles of communication and how well they apply to URT. A general view of the process of meeting individuals and how communication is facilitated will be offered by the eHarmony website eHarmony, N. This will allow us to analyze exactly how applicable URT is to CMC settings and how well the dating service tailors to the different context of communication. Furthermore, we will look at case studies specific to online dating sites like Match.

com and eHarmony. Gibbs will provide an in-depth study of Match. com members to show that in an online setting, members tend to practice similar uncertainty reduction strategies in anticipation of a FtF meeting. Specifically, what strategies are mostly utilized and what cues are critical to the overall interaction. In meeting new people FtF, we tend to engage in behaviors that reduce our uncertainty about the other person.

This original URT was supplemented by Berger by including that humans tend to reduce uncertainty by utilizing one or all of the three strategies: passive, active and interactive Dawkins, , p. Of the strategies listed, observing others where the person is likely to act natural is passive while being in direct contact with them is active Twente, N. An interactive strategy, however, includes communicating with the person directly in an effort to find out more about the person.

The interactive strategy of engaging in information seeking behavior is by far the most important aspect of reducing uncertainty. This means that as we meet new people, we want to find out more about them to reduce our uncertainty about them. However, studies suggest that we are also hesitant to divulge personal information about ourselves so easily.

This means that as we are looking for information about others, we tend to only divulge information at the same rate as other people do in FtF communication. This would make sense as we tend to fear judgment by other people that we do not know as well. There also exist some demographic differences in URT. According to William Gudykunst and Mitchell Hammer in The Influence of Ethnicity, Gender, and Dyadic Composition on Uncertainty Reduction In Initial Interactions, there were differences among blacks and whites in their communicative behavior.

Moreover, their results did not suggest that gender played a role in using uncertainty reduction strategies Gudykunst, , p. This means that men and women tend to act similarly in reducing uncertainty in social situations.

Essentially, the URT strategy of information seeking was higher in those that were more self-conscious of their behavior. Other than that, ethnicity and gender did not affect URT in the FtF context that the study was researched within.

Next, it is important to understand the early schools of thought and development of online communication. His literature review argued that this was true because people within CMC settings exert more verbal aggression, blunt disclosure and negative behavior in comparison to groups in FtF settings Parks, , p. Despite the negative feedback from other scholars, Parks found evidence that online relationships can develop and people can adapt their behavior to account for the missing aspects of interaction, like physical proximity and frequency.

For instance, even in early as , Parks argued that online settings can foster the growth of meaningful relationships, despite the shortcomings of missing cues in FtF communication. Even more surprising is the notion that the relationships that developed online tended to expand to FtF communication over time:.

Although nearly all respondents used direct E-mail About a third had used the telephone The average number of channels used was 2. These findings imply that relationships that begin on line rarely stay there Parks, , p. This research implies that even as early in , the internet and CMC did foster the development of new relationships that eventually extended out of the scope of online interaction. This had a lot to do with how users managed uncertainty with the tools they had.

Since visual and aural cues were not always present, the use of smileys and other improvised cues were used to develop rapport with other individuals Parks, , p. Essentially, the way that people communicated online in involved an adaptation of visual cues to textual ones.

By , the growth of online dating sites resulted in services that were tailored specifically to meet the needs to people looking to find relationships online. These services were designed to facilitate, foster and encourage the growth of successful relations that extended outside of CMC. Her study of college students suggested that URT did apply cohesively in this CMC setting: users who interacted a lot tended to experience less uncertainty Sheldon, , p.

Indeed, from to , not much has changed in terms of what is possible within the realm of CMC. While users can share photos, videos and other forms of multimedia, the factors of proximity and physical cues are still not there. Essentially, CMC settings are successful in fostering relationships because visual cues are not requirements of interaction and when they are necessary, textual cues were seen to be comparable alternatives.

Facebook relationships thrive on the level of intimacy within self-disclosure. This means that the more we disclose to others in terms of quality, not so much quality, the more meaningful the relationship becomes. This supports URT because as we disclose more and trust others, we develop stronger relationships. As we develop stronger online relationships, we reduce the overall uncertainty about the other person.

Thus, interactions on Facebook appear more like FtF communication than meets the eye. As predictability was also a critical aspect of URT, the evidence would suggest that CMC relationships that developed on Facebook took on the same conventional characteristics of FtF interactions. Consequently, while the context for communication is entirely different in an online setting, the means and social processes involved in developing friendships was still consistent.

However, it is important to understand that Facebook offers an environment where we tend to know most of our connections in person, see their pictures and have the ability to seek out information and context clues from their activity. Therefore, it is also important to study how URT and the strategies apply in CMC when we do not necessarily know or have existing FtF relationships with the other person. Such a case study is other online dating sites.

eHarmony offers a great example to understand how URT applies to a CMC setting where users may not know their connections very well. Neil Warren utilized his 35 years of clinical experience to launch a service that would utilize scientific research on CMC to help people develop meaningful relationships in a safe environment eHarmony, N. Essentially, the important aspects of information seeking behavior are met with this guided communication.

Users can browse profiles based on relevant criteria and a controlled communication environment is there to carefully foster interaction, if any. Luckily, research has been done on behalf of online dating sites to analyze CMC in online dating communities. In this comprehensive study of respondents who use at least one online dating site such as eHarmony or Match.

com , Gibbs sought to identify if URT strategies were utilized and if so, which ones. Even more interesting is the issue of privacy and security. Gibbs remarked that security issues were the most important factor that influenced uncertainty reduction behaviors Gibbs et al, , p. Basically, the extent to which URT applied to the results was based on security issues. As users were concerned with who they were communicating with, they engaged in more information seeking strategies.

There were also other notable results. In addition to information seeking behavior, users also tended to utilize warranting reducing uncertainty and overcoming security concerns.

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